Diary Of Fate - Phillip Vale (06-01-48)


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Phillip Vale (Aired June 1, 1948)
The twist with Diary of Fate was the total absence of pretense. The program jumps right to the 'source' of Man's ultimate destiny--Fate itself--in the form of the Guardian of the Diary of Fate. It is within the Diary of Fate, that every soul's fate is painstakingly chronicled by book and page number--or so we're very persuasively given to understand. Fate itself--in this instance, at least--is the great character actor Herbert Lytton, providing the forboding vocal gravitas we might expect from such an all-powerful cosmic force. Produced from Hollywood, the entire production was voiced by primarily west coast actors. Famous Radio and Television promoter Larry Finley produced and syndicated the program to at least some 94 affiliate stations throughout the U.S., Canada and Jamaica. Show Notes From The Digital Deli. B THIS EPISODE: June 1, 1948. Program #25. ABC network, KECA, Los Angeles origination, Finley syndication. "Phillip Vale". Commercials added locally. Book 63, page 209. Phillip Vale decides to kill his wealthy aunt Ruth when he loses $20,000 of her money on a bad stock market investment. The date is subject to correction. Larry Finley (producer), Herb Lytton (as "Fate" and co-producer), Ivan Ditmars (organist), Ray Ehrlenborn (sound effects). 31:01. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.
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