Radio City Playhouse (NBC) - Deadline (02-28-49)


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Deadline (Aired February 28, 1949)
The Radio City Playhouse was a half-hour of drama, sometimes comedy, often very exciting and suspenseful. The cast were made up of New York veterans of radio and stage, including Jan Minor and John Larkin as featured performers. The director, Harry W. Junkin, also served as the show's host and narrator. Each week the show introduced a new story, often written by well-known writers of fantasy and suspense such as Ray Bradbury, Cornell Woolrich, Agatha Christie and Paul Gallico. They were dramatized with a full orchestral soundtrack and excellent sound effects. THIS EPISODE: February 28, 1949. Program #28. NBC network. "Deadline". Sustaining. A rotten, miserable drama critic (aren't they all?) finally gets his come-uppance. The program is also known as, "NBC Short Story." Harry Junkin refers to the program as "Attraction #27." Harry W. Junkin (host, director), John Bethune (writer), Bob Warren (announcer), Claudia Morgan, Paul Nugent, Bernard Grant. 29:41. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.
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