Rocky Fortune (Starring Frank Sinatra) - Carnival One Way (12-08-53)


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Carnival One Way (Aired December 8, 1953)
Frank Sinatra seemed very comfortable in the role of Rocco Fortunato--'Rocky Fortune'--and the scripts that George Lefferts and Ernest Kinoy wrote for Sinatra made for some fascinating adventures. The role was clearly written specifically for him, and more importantly for the more 'adult' persona his agents and publicity reps were trying to portray of him at this point in his career. He'd already done the teen and 20-something idol gig, and he had been expressing more of an interest in dramatic work. Perhaps Sinatra's managers were simply hedging their bets. Sinatra's greatest initial dramatic role in From Here To Eternity was released October 19, 1953, just weeks after Rocky Fortune began its 26-week run on NBC. As we all know now, From Here to Eternity was a box-office smash, propelling Sinatra into a whole new career in Film. Thus, as with Alan Ladd in his Mayfair Productions program, Box-13, Sinatra--and Las Vegas and Hollywood--found a far greater immediate demand for his talent on stage and in Film. The Big-Screen's gain was Radio's loss. Show Notes From The Digital Deli. THIS EPISODE: December 8, 1953. NBC network. "Carnival One-Way". Sustaining. Not auditioned. Frank Sinatra, Fred Weihe (director), Bryna Raeburn, David Pfeffer, Ken Williams, William Griffis, Leon Janney, Mason Adams, George Lefferts (writer), Ray Barrett (announcer). 22:51. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.
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