Rogue's Gallery - Fortune In Furs (12-20-45)


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Rogue's Gallery - Fortune In Furs (Aired December 20, 1945)
Rogue trailed lovely blondes and protected witnesses in the new tough guy persona of Dick Powell. This was the transition series for Powell in his quest to be recognized as an actor rather than a singer. It had some of the same cute elements that would make Richard Diamond a high spot four years later. During the summer of 1946, the show was billed as Bandwagon Mysteries, with a tip of the hat to the sponsor. In the summer of 1947, it was again revived on NBC Sundays for Fitch, with Barry Sullivan in the title role. In 1950 the character again turned up in a two-year sustainer on the ABC Wednesday-night schedule. Chester Morris played the lead. Chester Morris was the original Boston Blackie. THIS EPISODE: December 20, 1945. Mutual network. "Fortune In Furs". Sponsored by: Fitch's Shampoos, Fitch's Shaving Cream. A man demands $1000 to prove that a $100,000 fur fire was really arson...and is promptly murdered. Dee Englebach (producer, director), Dick Powell, Gerald Mohr (doubles), Jim Doyle (announcer), Leith Stevens (composer, conductor), Ray Buffum (writer), Peter Leeds, Lurene Tuttle. 30:02. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.
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