The Adventures Of Maisie - Tex's Oil Stock (12-13-51)


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Tex's Oil Stock (Aired December 13, 1951)
Throughout the 1940s, the Maisie pictures continued to be released every couple of years. "Your pictures pay for our mistakes," Arthur B. Mayer told her. "And you'll just keep making Maisies as long as you do that." In July, 1945, Ann took Maisie to radio in a half-hour weekly radio for CBS. Famed radio actor Elliott Lewis co-starred as boyfriend Bill, with other parts going to such seasoned radio players as John Brown and Lurene Tuttle. The series ran two seasons, and was revived in 1949 as a syndicated program, now called The Adventures of Maisie. Included in the repertory cast were Hans Conreid (later on Life with Liugi), Sheldon Leonard, Joan Banks, Elvia Allman, Bea Benadaret, and Sandra Gould. The radio show continued in the tried and true Maisie tradition of one part adventure of the emotional kind, one part romance, and one part laughs. And for many of us, Ann Sothern was a beautiful and intelligent actress whose warmth and charm were singularly beguiling. She continued to do TV (Private Secretary, The Ann Sothern Show) and movie work (A Letter to Three Wives, '49), and was nominated for an Academy Award in 1987 for The Whales of August.She died March 15, 2001.
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