The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe - The Pigeon's Blood (06-11-49)


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The Pigeon's Blood (Aired June 11, 1949)
The first portrayal of Phillip Marlowe on the radio was by Dick Powell, when he played Raymond Chandler's detective on the Lux Radio Theater on June 11, 1945. This was a radio adaptation of the 1944 movie, from RKO, in which Mr. Powell played the lead. Two years later, Van Heflin starred as Marlowe in a summer replacement series for the Bob Hope Show on NBC. This series ran for 13 shows. On September 26, 1948, Gerald Mohr became the third radio Marlowe, this time on CBS. It remained a CBS show through its last show in 1951. THIS EPISODE: June 11, 1949. CBS network. "The Pigeon's Blood". Sustaining. Thirty rubies are missing, murder isn't! Gerald Mohr, Alma Lawton, Gloria Blondell, Barney Phillips, Edgar Barrier, Herb Butterfield, Raymond Chandler (creator), Norman Macdonnell (producer, director), Mel Dinelli (writer), Robert Mitchell (writer), Gene Levitt (writer), Richard Aurandt (music), Roy Rowan (announcer). 29:58. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.
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