The Aldrich Family - Date Mixup (10-17-39)


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Date Mixup (Aired October 17, 1939)
The Aldrich Family was launched in its own series as a summer replacement program for Jack Benny in NBC's Sunday night lineup, July 2, 1939, and it stayed there until October 1, 1939, when it moved to Tuesday nights at 8 p.m., sponsored by General Foods's popular gelatin dessert Jell-O, which also sponsored Jack Benny at the time. The Aldriches ran in that slot from October 10, 1939 until May 28, 1940, moving to Thursdays, from July 4, 1940 until July 20, 1944. After a brief hiatus, the show moved to CBS, running on Fridays from September 1, 1944 until August 30, 1946 with sponsors Grape Nuts and Jell-O before moving back to NBC from September 5, 1946 to June 28, 1951 on Thursdays and, then, as a Sustaining program in its final run of September 21, 1952 to April 19, 1953 on Sundays. The show was a top-ten ratings hit within two years of its birth. THIS EPISODE: October 17, 1939. "Date Mixup" - Blue Network. Sponsored by: Jell-O. A poignant story about Henry and two girls, Barbara and Constance. Which one will it be? The movie ("What A Life") opened on Broadway this week (based on the play of the same name). This series is based on the characters created on Broadway April 13, 1938. Ezra Stone, Betty Field, Clifford Goldsmith (writer), Harry Von Zell (announcer), Jack Miller (composer, conductor). 29:05. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.
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