The Amos & Andy Show - Wedding Invitation Mixup" AKA: Andy's Wedding Plans (12-09-51)


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Wedding Invitation Mixup (Aired December 9, 1951)
Amos Jones and Andy Brown worked on a farm near Atlanta, Georgia, and during the episodes of the first week, they made plans to find a better life in Chicago, despite warnings from a friend. With four ham and cheese sandwiches and $24, they bought train tickets and headed for Chicago where they lived in a State Street rooming house and experienced some rough times before launching their own business, the Fresh Air Taxi Company. With the listening audience increasing in the spring and summer of 1928, the show's success prompted the Pepsodent Company to bring it to the NBC Blue Network on August 19, 1929. THIS EPISODE: December 9, 1951. CBS network. "Wedding Invitation Mixup" AKA: Andy's Wedding Plans Sponsored by: Rexall. Andy meets Theresa Thompkins at night school and soon becomes engaged. Lightnin' mixes up the wedding invitations and all of Andy's old girlfriends get invited! Even Miss Blue appears to have a chat with Theresa. Abigail Thompson and Madame Queen complicate the situation. Madeline Lee, Ruby Dandridge, Freeman Gosden, Lillian Randolph, Charles Correll, Griff Barnett (commercial spokesman), Millie Bruce, Horace Stewart, Harlow Wilcox (announcer), Corny Anderson, Joe Connelly (writer), Bob Mosher (writer), Johnny Lee, Jeff Alexander and His Orchestra (music). 29:47. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.
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