The Casebook Of Gregory Hood - The Sad Clown (10-07-46)


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The Sad Clown (Aired October 7, 1946)
The Casebook of Gregory Hood, starring Gale Gordon in the title role, took over where Sherlock Holmes had left off. Sponsored by Petri wine, it used the same "weekly visit" format and the same team of Anthony Boucher and Dennis Green that had written The New Adventured of Sherlock Holmes. Gregory Hood was modelled after true-life San Francisco importer Richard Gump, and many of the stories revolve around a mystery surrounding some particular imported treasure. Hood's sidekick Sanderson "Sandy" Taylor was played by Bill Johnstone. The show aired from June, 1946 through August, 1950. There were an additional couple of shows aired in October 1951. Hood and Sanderson were played in later episodes by Elliott Lewis and Howard McNear, respectively. THIS EPISODE: October 7, 1946. Mutual network. "The Sad Clown". Sponsored by: Petri Wines. A set of stolen cameos and a clown that doesn't speak (he honks like Harpo Marx) leads Hood to the circus. The sad clown is murdered during his act...he dies smiling of strychnine. A poorly written script in which Hood accuses a fellow detective of the crime, then decides to buy the stolen cameos. The system cue has been deleted. Hollywood origination. Elliott Lewis, Howard McNear, Anthony Boucher (writer), Denis Green (writer), Ned Bliss (producer), Lee Bowen (director), Arthur Fulton (sound effects), Art Surrence (sound effects), Dean Fosler (composer, conductor). 29:06. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.
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