The Hall Of Fantasy - Diamonds Of Death (11-30-53)


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Diamonds Of Death (Aired November 30, 1953)
Originally a local series out of Utah that found its way on to the airwaves sporadically from 1947 to 1952, this anthology was picked up for national syndication by the Mutual network and broadcast from mid-52 through mid-53. Written and directed by Richard Thorne, a prolific and talented writer and producer, this series is often overlooked, even by fans of OTR. It is unfortunate, since it provides some very unique and dramatic material; the acting in particular was superb. Early on, the series concentrated on murder mysteries, but later shows were devoted to horror and some sci-fi. Sadly, not all episodes have survived. THIS EPISODE: November 30, 1953. Mutual network, WGN, Chicago origination (possibly syndicated). "The Diamonds Of Death". Commercials added locally. A search for a fabulous fortune in diamonds...guarded by an idol in the jungle. The program may be dated August 3, 1953. Richard Thorne (writer). 23:09. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.

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