The Old Gold Comedy Theater - Lucky Partners (12-17-44)


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Lucky Partners (Aired December 17, 1944)
"Old Gold Comedy Theater" "Harold Lloyd Comedy Theater" "The Comedy Theater" NBC Old Gold Cigarettes" Sundays 10:30 - 11:00 pm HOST: Harold Lloyd ANNOUNCER: Bob Williams MUSIC: Carl Hoff. Harold Lloyd could never resist a challenge. He had to be good at everything he did, if not the best. Before tackling the job of host/director for "Old Gold Comedy Theatre," he made extensive recordings — voice tests — to "get the hang of it." By the first broadcast, Harold was at least capable, if still a bit forced and nervous. Later in the series, he sounded more relaxed, which indicated that he could have mastered it by the second season, if only there had been one. The contract called for Harold to be paid $1500 per broadcast, with an increase to $2000 by the second year and $2500 by the third, but for whatever reason, the series didn’t catch on and lasted for only one season of 32 shows. THIS EPISODE: December 17, 1944. "Lucky Partners" - Bedlam reigns when a sidewalk artist, played by Herbert Marshall, shares a chance on a $150,000 sweepstakes with a young woman (Jane Wyman). There's one catch, though: if they win, the artist insists on taking her on an "imaginary" honeymoon - much to the suspicion of her fiance' (Sheldon Leonard). (Two of the 78 RPM discs from which this program was taken were cracked, so a brief portion of the opening is missing and listeners may note a very occasional skip. 29:15.
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