The Private Files Of Rex Saunders - Until Death Do Us Part (07-18-51)


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Until Death Do Us Part (Aired July 18, 1951)
"The Secret Files of Rex Saunders." Heard every Wednesday night at 7:30, this thriller is typical of radio mystery shows. However, it has one thing the others don't--that is a sauve Englishman by the name of Rex Harrison. Harrison turns in a better than average performance as a private detective. With the help of an assistant played by Leon Janey, the "dick" goes his way solving a new mystery each week. Impressing us most was the quiet manner in which Harrison plays his new role. Not once during the entire half hour show did he raise his voice enough to activate the decible meter on the KSMO switchboard. Most radio detectives are of the loud and fast talking type, who just love to order their girl friends and constituted police authorities around like mad. Harrison's show keeps away from this sort of thing. THIS EPISODE: July 18, 1951. NBC net. "Until Death Do Us Part". Sponsored by: RCA Victor. The system cue has been deleted. Leon Janney, Amzie Strickland, Himan Brown (director), Kenneth Banghart (announcer), Rex Harrison, Edward Adamson (writer). 33:55. Episode Notes From The Radio Gold Index.
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