BTLR; YouTube Director App, Netflix On The IPad, Deleting IOS10 Apps, And AppleTV Gaming


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YouTube Director app helps business owners on a budget create DIY video ads. YouTube today announced a new suite of tools to help business owners get started with creating video ads on a budget. You can finally watch Netflix while doing other stuff on your iPad. You can now watch Netflix videos while using other apps on your iPad. It’s about time. Deleting Apple’s pre-installed apps in iOS 10 doesn’t actually ‘delete’ them One of the most talked about features in Apple’s upcoming iOS 10 is the ability to delete many of the apps that come pre-loaded on your iPhone or iPad. But it turns out that deleting the apps doesn’t actually delete them. The Apple TV finally has a chance to be a gaming platform Immersive games require a serious controller and the Apple TV Siri Remote is not a serious controller. Yet until recently Apple required game developers to fully support the Siri Remote for all games, which is likely one of the reasons developers haven’t fully embraced the platform.

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