BPAP 82: Flipping Houses With No Marketing with Alex Martinez


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Alex Martinez is a 7-figure real estate entrepreneur and the creator of Real Estate Skills.

RealEstateSkills.com is a real estate education company providing coaching, tools, and resources to start a successful real estate business or career. They specialize in helping aspiring and active real estate investors to invest in single family homes with consistency.


  • How Alex got into real estate investing
  • His first deal after 45 days
  • Getting deals through MLS
  • Two major obstacles most real estate investors face
    • Finding motivated seller leads
    • Lack of capital
  • What MLS allows you to do
  • Importance of being consistent in sending offers
  • Submitting the offer's model
  • On calling the agents
  • On what they are looking for:
    • Distressed properties
    • Seller in a distressed situation
  • How to find out seller's distressed situation
  • Working on your people skills
  • Rundown of a typical deal
  • Building your buyers list
  • Structuring the deal
  • On deposit
  • How they do their closing


  • "The most important thing about the MLS offer system is consistency."
  • "Every strategy works but it's just which one do you want to focus on."

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