2018-013-Sigma_malware_report, Verizon_DBIR discussion, proper off-boarding of employees


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Report from Bsides Nash - Ms. Berlin

New Job

Keynote at Bsides Springfield, MO

Mr. Boettcher talks about Sigma Malware infection.


**new website upcoming**

Registration is coming and will be updated on next show (hopefully)

DBIR -https://www.verizonenterprise.com/resources/reports/rp_DBIR_2018_Report_execsummary_en_xg.pdf

VERIS framework


53,000 incidents

2,216 breaches?!

73% breaches were by outsiders

28% involved internal actors (but needs outside help?)

Not teaching “don’t click the link”, but instead teach, “I have no curiosity”

Discuss "Dir. Infosec" Slack story as method to halt infection


The “Living off the Land” trend continues with attack groups opting for tried-and-trusted means to infiltrate target organizations. Spear phishing is the number one infection vector employed by 71 percent of organized groups in 2017. The use of zero days continues to fall out of favor.

Off boarding people… so much process to get people on, but it’s just not mature getting people out...

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