2016-022: Earl Carter dissects the Angler Exploit Kit


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Earl Carter spends all day researching exploit kits and using that information to protect customers from various malware payloads that spread ransomware. This week we sit down with him to understand the #Angler EK.

He starts us off with a history or where it came from and how it gained so much popularity, evolving from earlier EKs, like #BlackHole, or WebAttacker. We even discuss how it's gone from drive-by downloads, to running only in memory, to being used in malvertising campaigns. We even get to hear about how the creators "rent" out the EK, and how they also control the malvertising side as well. Great insights into how the EK eco-system operates...

We talk about some of the vulns used by exploit kits. Contrary to popular belief, the vulns used don't always have to be 0day. Blue teamers will learn valuable insights in protecting your networks from this EK.

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Links referenced during the show:

Earl's slides from Bsides Austin: http://www.slideshare.net/EarlCarter3/bsides-anglerevolution-talk-60408313

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