2016-034: Sean Malone from FusionX explains the Expanded Cyber Kill Chain


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Another great #rejectedTalk we found was from Sean Malone (@seantmalone on Twitter). The Cyber Kill Chain is a method by which we explain the methodolgy of hackers and the process of hacking.

In this discussion, we find Sean has expanded the #killchain, to be more selective, and to show the decision tree once you've gained access to hosts.

This expanded #killChain is also effective for understanding when #hackers are attacking specific systems, like #SCADA, or other specialized systems or networks, like the #SWIFT banking transfer. This discussion also is great for showing management the time and effort required to gain access to systems.

We also talk about the #OODA loop (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OODA_loop) and how disrupting that will often cause attacks to go awry or to be stunted, reducing the effectiveness.

Sean T. Malone website: http://www.seantmalone.com/

Slides and presentation referred to in the podcast: http://www.seantmalone.com/docs/us-16-Malone-Using-an-Expanded-Cyber-Kill-Chain-Model-to-Increase-Attack-Resiliency.pdf

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