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Jay Beale works for a pentest firm called "Inguardians", and has always been a fierce friend of the show. He's running a class at both BlackHat and Defcon all about hardening various parts of the Linux OS. This week, we discuss some of the concepts he teaches in the class.

Why do we disable Selinux? Is it as difficult to enable as everyone believes? What benefit do we get from using it?

We also discuss other hardening applications, like ModSecurity for Apache, Suhosin for PHP, and Linux Containers (LXC). What is gained by using these, and how can we use these to our advantage?

Really great discussion with Jay, and please sign up for his class for a two day in-depth discussion of all the technologies discussed on the show.


Jay Beale’s Class “aikido on the command line: hardening and containment”

JULY 22-23 & JULY 24-25 AT BlackHat and Defcon



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Show Notes:



Privilege Escalation - InGuardians Murderboard

Port Knocking (Single Pack Authorization)



Linux Containers

Jess frizelle -bane

Dan walsh - selinux

Selinux troubleshoot daemon


“In computing, a system call is the programmatic way in which a computer program requests a service from the kernel of the operating system it is executed on. This may include hardware-related services (for example, accessing a hard disk drive), creation and execution of new processes, and communication with integral kernel services such as process scheduling. System calls provide an essential interface between a process and the operating system.”

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What are you doing at Black Hat and Def Con?

  • Training class at Black Hat - 2 days
  • Def Con Workshop - ModSecurity and AppArmor - 4 hours
  • Packet Hacking Village Workshop - Container security
  • Vapor Trail at Def Con Labs (Larry and Galen)
  • Dancing my butt off?

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