BNR 189: Your brand’s image doesn’t matter. Trust does.


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Mike Edmonds has been in the advertising game for 40 years, including co-founding his own agency, Meerkats. He’s just published a book called Truth. Growth. Repeat: A Business Manual for Generation Why.

It’s all about authenticity and it’s a practical guide to help brands embrace their own truth.

Show Notes

Here are some key take-outs:

  • The consumer is now far more sophisticated and they will call you out when you’re inauthentic – what’s more, they have a platform to do it on, thanks to social media
  • You need to understand your true purpose (or motive) for being in business. That can become your compass, to keep you on the right path
  • People won’t buy from you just because you’re authentic, they will buy from you because of what happens when you run an authentically-driven company
  • True purpose opens markets.

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