BNR 197: Rand Fishkin on his new book, life after Moz and marketing in 2018


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Rand Fishkin, one of the household names of content marketing and SEO, joins Sarah for a special fireside chat.

You’ll know Rand as the guy behind Moz – the SEO software for marketers. But times have changed and Rand has branched out on his own with a new company called Sparktoro. He’s written a book, called Lost and Founder.

Rand talks to Sarah about these things, Google’s plans, storytelling and marketing in 2018.

This is the first in a special series of conversations in the lead up to BNR’s 200th episode.

On My Desk

  • Rand’s recommendation was Pocket
  • Sarah managed to squeeze in a couple of recommendations while pretending she was making just one, so here they are: Rand’s Beginners Guide to SEO and the resources page of his website.

Links you might need

  • Here’s the blog Rand wrote about leaving Moz
  • Here’s his new book, Lost and Founder
  • And here’s his new company, Sparktoro
  • This is the news from Google they discussed
  • You can find Rand on Twitter here.

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