SECRETS 127 Your Branding Must Convey Your Promise And Commitment To Excellence With Fred Hart Of Interact Boulder


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Your branding needs to be an extension of your product. It must be memorable and install trust and confidence. It should stand out on a store shelf, be recognizable from a distance and be able to sell itself even in the absence of good copy.

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Today's podcast focus is about your brand, the importance of your brand and how your brand message needs to resonate across every aspect of your sales funnel. To help me with this conversation, I brought on a branding expert.

Your brand is your product's identity. It represents everything you stand for, your mission and your commitment to excellence. That includes your promise and commitment to only use the best ingredients and to make sure that every product consistently delivers your high standards. Your goal as a brand is to get people to know, like and trust you. Your brand is what jumps off the shelf and catches the customer's eye. Your branding needs to extend beyond the four corners of your package.

Now, while this sounds obvious, many brands have a difficult time with this. Have you ever played the game where you tell someone a story and then they tell someone a story and so on? By the time that story comes back around to you, it's virtually unrecognizable. This is the challenge that literally every brand faces. Your brand's story needs to resonate with the same authenticity and passion as originally told by the founder. Your brand message needs to resonate with every consumer that buys it.

Before that can happen, however, you need to make sure that everyone on your sales team, including your external sales team, for example, your brokers, distributors, etc, are all in lockstep when it comes to talking about your brand and the importance of your brand. Doing this effectively will give you a substantial and significant competitive advantage. On today's podcast, we talk about why this is important and how you can leverage the strength of your brand and your brand's story, to drive sustainable sales at retail.

After all, that's what all retailers really want, more customers in their store and a reasonable profit in their category. The real strength of your brand is your ability to leverage that unique consumer that buys your product to go in and shop a specific retailer, including an online retailer. This all begins with how you represent your brand on your package and wherever your future and current customers are.

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