Brian Mister & Brittany Yoho – Around the Crown


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You may have thought someone had gone mad when you first heard this idea — shut down I-277 for a few hours for a 10k road race. No, not during rush hour, but still – it had never been done! Well, it worked — and the first Around the Crown 10k exceeded expectations. More than 4,500 runners thought it was a great idea to run a loop around uptown with the best view of the skyline you can experience, at a speed you can enjoy because you’re not in a car. It was so successful, in fact, that they’re doing it again this May — also on a Sunday morning when the weather should be perfect. We’ve got the mastermind behind this landmark race with us on BrandBuilders Podcast today, Brian Mister, and a brand new member of the ATC team who will help take the race to the next level, Brittany Yoho.

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