Joannah Long and Mary Jayne Wilson – Amelie’s


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There are few places in Charlotte that evoke the “Yum” response quite like Amelie’s. We have a lot of great restaurants here, but Amelie’s is a French bakery with so much more — the treats, the ambiance, the open-all-night availability in a part of Charlotte that has exploded in growth in the last 15 years. It is an amazing example of building a brand around PASTRIES.

But there are changes coming — after the brand expanded to 5 other popular locations including uptown and Park Road Shopping Center, word came the original and much-beloved location near NoDa would move. Joannah Long and Mary Jayne Wilson join us today on the BrandBuilders podcast to share with us the secrets of a successful brand — and how they keep the momentum going while growing and changing, too.

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