Channeling your Brave (Ft. Danielle Weisberg & Carly Zakin of TheSkimm)


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The more successful you become, the harder it feels to take big risks. This week on the Brave Not Perfect podcast, Reshma talks with Danielle Weisberg & Carly Zakin, founders of a little website you might have heard of… TheSkimm. The two former news producers launched theSkimm from their couch in 2012 as a newsletter - they now have over 7 million subscribers, reaching them Monday through Friday with bite-sized news and recommendations. Hear from these two failure champions about channeling their brave 25 year old selves - the ones who quit their jobs to start their own business - and feeling secure in who they are and what they do. Be sure to follow theSkimm's daily newsletter here: and on social media at @theskimm. Carly and Danielle are sharing their own adventures (and misadventures!) on Instagram at @carlyanddanielle.

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