Bread and Circuses: Episode 91


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-Rooster and Crow are back from their Holiday vacation and they are itching to opine on the events of the day. -Ricky Gervais eviscerated the Hollywood elites while hosting the Golden Globes. -JK Rowling is now in the alphabet gender community doghouse. -60 Minutes reported even more evidence that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.-Is Ghislaine Maxwell a Mossad asset? -Crow talks about Pizza Gate and Spirit Cooking and how the ‘Powers That Be’ have scrubbed the reporting from most sources. -Would You Rather questions are asked and answered: WYR have a bowling alley or basketball court in your back yard? WYR have a maze Runner or Hunger Games experience? WYR a splinter or a seed embedded in your gums? WYR get to a party late or too early? -Bill Deblasio says Trump is behind all of the anti-Jewish crimes happening even though the evidence is to the contrary. -An Iranian General was killed in a target strike ordered by Trump so of course the Democrats and media are spewing propaganda from Iran. Email us:

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