Dr. Tracy Gapin - Battling COVID-19 and Winning with Precision Health


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Dr. Tracy Gapin - Battling COVID-19 and Winning with Precision Health - From Dr. Gapin's post, "It was late one Friday night last month. My wife and I were at home binging on Netflix after getting the kids to bed when I suddenly developed intense shaking chills and body aches. And my skin hurt to touch. I had some night sweats over the previous few nights, but I hadn’t thought much of it. I checked my temperature - it was 100..."

Dr Gapin is an industry-leading resource for men's health and precision medicine. His approach to the optimization of men is available at https://drtracygapin.com.

For the full story https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/coronavirus-recovery-mds-personal-story-tracy-gapin-md/?trackingId=yMFydytnRC6351jczvcUDg%3D%3D

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