Gregg Hurwitz – Moving the World, No Money, No Credit and No Permission


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Gregg Hurwitz – Moving the World, No Money, No Credit and No Permission - Writers like Gregg are truly unique talents. Gregg writes across a variety of media: graphic novels, traditional novels, screenplays, political speeches. You should pre-order Gregg's book Into the Fire, part of his Orphan X series. We're also told Gregg's latest screenplay was picked up by Netflix and it appears that Jason Mamoa is playing a role. We are enormous fans of Gregg's work...and we know you will be too.

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Gregg joins hosts, fellow best-selling author Scott Huesing and Pete A Turner and the fellas talk about rational thought despite political discord and life.


Comics to speeches

Bridging gaps through his stories

Hurwitz knows ground truth

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