LT John Nores - America's Hidden Wars


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LT John Nores - America's Hidden Wars - John Nores, a retired Fish and Game warden for the state, protected the people, animals and land of California from drug cartels. That simple sentence does nothing to describe the incredible amount of danger and training John was exposed to during his career. Early on, he and his team encounter an illegal grow site and got into a legit firefight. A teammate of his was hit in the legs. As the firefight continued, they worked to get a helicopter in to evacuate his downed partner. However, only certain types of rescue capabilities fly into hot-zones. Sounds like a scene from a movie right? this happened near Los Gatos California...or within 40 miles of San Jose.

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You've likely not heard about the Hidden Wars that John and his team fought...or the level they had to work at to compete to keep us, our animals and land safe from drug cartels in the US.

Pete A Turner and John Nores talk about life as a tier-one state and federal agent.

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