Zach Johnston – Uproxx, Traveling the Best Places to Eat and Drink


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Zach Johnston – Uproxx, Traveling the Best Places to Eat and Drink - Travel and food writer Zach Johnston has such a sweet gig. He's lived abroad in places like Germany and Russia. He's traveled in the "Stans" and has some incredible stories and recommendations.

Get more of Zach's writing and podcasting at Uproxx, Uproxx Lifestyle,

Check out his podcast One More Road for the Beer.

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Pete A Turner, chatted with Zach talking about travel tips, locations, and whether Zach likes the big sites or the small dives. Zach's love for food, travel and experiences makes for a great episode.


Traveler pro tips

Stick to food straight off the flame

Don't rush plane repairs

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