Brian Andrews and Jeff Wilson - The Author Duo of Tier 1 Series: Red Specter


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Brian Andrews and Jeff Wilson - The Author Duo of Tier 1 Series: Red Specter - Brian Andrews and Jeff Wilson are the co-authors of the Tier One series. Their 5th book in the series, Red Specter, drops TODAY!

Pete is reading each book of the series today, join him in the journey.

Jeff and Brian are veterans. Jeff is a combat vascular surgeon, he's supported SEALs and other, tier 1 units. Brian is a submariner, turned entrepreneur, turned author. In their own right, these guys are fantastically successful, yet they gambled that success and decided to co-author books for a living...that's about as cool as it gets.

BTW Jeff and Brian officially announce their new book series in the episode! EXCLUSIVE SCOOP ON THE BIDS BABY!

Brian and Jeff are good people and we hope are future friends of the show. This episode is 100% mole free *wink wink*

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A submariner

And a vascular surgeon

Say, “Fuck it let’s write.”

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