Tracy Walder - The Unexpected Spy, Cheerleader Turned Spy


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Tracy Walder - The Unexpected Spy, Cheerleader Turned Spy - We love living in a world where a USC cheerleader can work for the FBI, and the CIA. Without a specific design, Tracy found herself enjoying an interview with the CIA...and ended up an operations agent in counterterrorism. Understand this about Tracy's path, it's already hard to get into operations, but to deploy constantly, it's a remarkable path. Things went well for Tracy.

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However, after a few years, Tracy had her fill of the CIA. She wanted to move on, decided to try the FBI; cuz that's also totally normal. This time, it wasn't as good of a fit for Tracy. Still tremendously qualified, her time at the FBI was shortlived. Tracy writes about all of it in her best-selling book, The Unexpected Spy.

Pete A Turner, as only he can do, dives into the spy world and asks Tracy questions she's not been asked on other media outlets. If you love these #spyvsspy episodes, this is a winner.

HaikuFirst, Think CheerleaderThen what does a spy look likeThe answer TracySimilar episodes:Robin Dreeke Gagliano Barsky

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