151: Kevin Rose — Lifehacker, Visionary Tech Investor, and CEO of Oak Meditation


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Kevin Rose is a pioneer in the tech world. He's been named in the list of the Top 25 Angel Investors (Bloomberg), Top 25 Web Celebrities (Forbes), Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web (Time and Businessweek), and Top 35 Innovators under 35 (MIT).

He founded the social news site Digg, was a general partner at Google Ventures (investing in companies like Ripple, Medium, and Nextdoor), and prior to that started investing as an Angel investor in Twitter, Facebook and Square.

From Andy:

The thing I love about Kevin, and the real reason he's on this podcast, is his playful and experimental spirit - his approach to life that has him trying and failing over and again, until he figures out for himself what works (and what doesn't). To me, he exemplifies 'Beginner's Mind' (Shoshin) as he stumbles his way forward in life, listening, learning, growing, and staying humble.

He uses this approach with all that he does, including developing a really fantastic (and free) meditation app that I use daily called Oak. He has also been part of in the self-optimization world for many years, researching and learning a ton about his own health metrics, testing, biomarkers, genetic markers, and life-optimization. All of this he's incredibly open with and full of suggestions for how to get started down this path in your own life (and the importance of doing so.)

Enjoy this one - I know you will!

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