John Dehner And The Story Behind Frontier Gentleman


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This is a snippet from Breaking Walls Episode 91: The Hollywood Radio Western Renaissance (1954 - 1980). ————— After Gunsmoke spent 1957 as CBS’ only adult western, the network decided to see if expanding the genre had any advertiser bite. In February of 1958 they launched two new western dramas. Created, written, produced, and directed by Antony Ellis, the first was called Frontier Gentleman. John Dehner starred as JB Kendall, a journalist writing for the London Times, slowly weaving his way in and out of the Western territories during the late 19th century. Jerry Goldsmith, then a CBS staff musician, composed the haunting trumpet theme. The show began coast-to-coast on the afternoon of Sunday, February 2nd with a debut episode called “The Shelton Brothers.” The JB stood for Jeremy Brian. He was a remittance man: banished from England by his family; An ex-soldier of the wars in India, kicked out of the army for refusing to testify at the Court Martial hearing of a brother officer he believed innocent. Antony Ellis, himself an Englishman, incorporated period slang dialogue and formed a picture of the west from the perspective of a man able to get on the inside.

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