#68: Don't Play the Victim Role in Relationships & Your Life


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The topic of this episode is "Don't Play the Victim Role in Relationships & Your Life".

In life, we all have things that happen to us. Good and bad. Awesome and terrible. Incredible and unfortunate. We can’t always control what will happen in life. That’s the beauty of life though – if we knew the outcome of everything, there would be no element of surprise, no motivation to work hard, nothing to look forward to. Everything would be an open book, and frankly, that would be boring. So yes, we need to deal with shit sometimes, but EVERYONE does. That is part of being human.

My main message of this episode is when you find yourself in a less than desirable position, you want to stay away from saying: Why does this always happen to me?

Instead, ask yourself THIS question..........(you're going to have to press PLAY to find out...)

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