209: Dooku Nation


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Did Indiana Jones ever use a telephone? What would a Workaholics-style show look like starring the Max Rebo Band? These deep thoughts, plus reviews of Dooku: Jedi Lost, Whistlepig Rye, and Fear Factory albums.

There is so much Star Wars going on right now, it's impossible to cover it all. But we'll try! In between discussion on The Rise of Skywalker, new untitled firms, Indiana Jones in the modern world, and Dooku: Jedi Lost, we're also spending precious time discussing Fear Factory, Whistlepig rye, and that irresistible Boston accent. Let's go, Warheads! The Star Wars party starts NOW! It's time for Brews and Blasters.

Show Notes

  • Peter Mayhew Tribute
  • Intro: “It’s getting a little easier.”
  • The Boston Accent: Smoother than Lando?
  • Where we’ve been:
  • Remembering The Phantom Menace release, 1999 and Fear Factory
  • Whistlepig Rye
  • Jaime King (Aurra Sing) in Black Summer
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story turns one!
  • The Star Wars Alien Archive entry
  • Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Internet
    • Are there any telephones in the Indiana Jones films?
  • Three new Star Wars films!
    • Benioff & Weiss trilogy?
    • What’s up with Rian Johnson?
  • Revisiting the anthology From a Certain Point of View
  • A third announced Disney+ series! Our theory: A Workaholics-style show starring the Max Rebo Band
  • Dooku: Jedi Lost audio drama discussion
  • Rhode Island Comic Con vs Fan Expo Boston
  • “Shout outs to all my squids!”
  • Chief Wicket?
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