B-Sides: Episode 6 - Getting Started with Crowdfunding


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In our sixth episode of B-SIDES we talk about getting started with crowdfunding; how to decide how much to ask for, what you should offer your backers as rewards for their support, and how to ask for help. We've also got a bonus segment from our recent interview with Amanda Palmer, where she talks about keeping it personal when communicating with your fans (and how she didn't always approach things that way!) Highlights: - We talk about how to decide how much you need to raise in your crowdfunding campaign - Knowing how much you need to make your project happen is so important as it will help to set your initial crowdfunding targets - On setting targets: "how much do I need vs how much can I actually raise?" - We talk about the additional costs that you'll need to factor into a crowdfunding campaign eg marketing / printing costs etc - We talk about how crowdfunding doesn't provide you with an audience who will support you - you need to bring that audience with you - "Be realistic with the audience you already have, and think about how much you could expect them to contribute" - We compare different crowdfunding platforms and Marcio shares his experience of the ones he's used - We talk about the different types of crowdfunding campaigns that are available, and the pros/cons of both - We talk about what you can offer to your audience in exchange for their support and some examples of what other artists have offered - "With your rewards you can be creative and offer something exclusive people can't get anywhere else" - We talk about getting your audience involved and asking them what rewards they would like from you - "Make your audience feel involved and that they are getting something in return, rather than you simply asking for money" - "It has to be a two way relationship, it's not all about asking - you have to give back" - Amanda Palmer shares some mistakes she made in the early stages of her career around communicating with her audience - "Being able to talk directly to your audience - I had to learn how to do that" - Amanda Palmer - "Things seem to go a lot better if I present the most honest thing possible" - Amanda Palmer - We hear how Amanda Palmer used to send out emails in the third person, but soon realised that wasn't effective! - "Who am I serving by being anything less than real, especially when I CAN be real?" - Amanda Palmer Sponsors: - Chris Keaton @ Chris Keaton Presents - Christine Infanger @ Thirty Roses - Music Entrepreneur HQ --- More: For more episodes, visit http://bridge-the-atlantic.com Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/bridge_atlantic Subscribe on iTunes: http://bridge-the-atlantic.com/itunes Support us on Patreon: http://patreon.com/bridgetheatlantic

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