#15 Kelli Reese and Hailey Wiseman at Ek Balam in Tulum


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Your Creative Sparks:

  • Different from travel, vacation, or being a tourist, PILGRIMAGE is about doing some serious inner work.
  • Special places exist in the world which CALL to us, and INVITE us into transformation.
  • Deep inside, we all know what we are meant to do. We just need to make a DECISION and take that LEAP.

Your life’s purpose is beckoning you, a calling that sounds like your heart bursting wide open and asking you to be present. Soar on the wings of change with Lobsterbird and her guests, Kelli Reese and Hailey Wiseman. Recorded atop Ek Balam, an ancient Mayan ruin, where Caribbean winds greet your imagination and soft rain kisses your cheek. Feel the tug of Tulum, a place where the jaguar pants, nudges, and cradles. Welcome, Pilgrims, to zero-one birth energy, where every day you have an opportunity to be brand new.

Your Travelogue

  • The energy of Tulum is like a soft protective bubble, but in your face. She gently nudges you with a kick in the a** to move forward already. Tulum offers an accelerated process of self-actualization and enlightenment, a magical and mystical womb that encircles us and allows us to be in process with our soul growth and healing. [5:15]
  • Kelli’s work is primarily with the Akashic Records – past life information, releasing blocks and wounds, and understanding your soul profile: why you are *you* and what you are here to do. She specializes in helping people navigate the Void – the place where one door has closed but another has yet to open. Her second book is about the Void for relationships, written to the woman in a long-term relationship wrestling with inconvenient questions. [18:44]
  • A lot of people want to change their lives, and they are seeing the real possibility to be able to do so in today’s landscape. The best way to do it is to take yourself out of the life which you seek to change, so you can see it from a new perspective. Pilgrimage and retreats provide you with that radical, transformative experience. [26:10]
  • Hailey’s work involves teaching people how to engage in complete love transactions, the love laws of attraction. She helps people switch from thinking “What I am giving out into the world?” into “How I can open my heart to receive love?” Hailey taps into ancestral energy, guides, and angels to bring information forth that people are having a hard time putting their finger on, then using real world skills to help people them forward. [34:18]
  • Business as a spiritual path: The dedication to spiritual growth, soul growth, and business growth go hand in hand. How to be in service and not in sales. How money is energy that converts to Love. The LOVE you give is an exchange, and money is Love coming toward you. [40:40]
  • Goal-setting becomes God-setting: You have an idea, and you get pieces of it, but you don’t know how it’s going to come together. The trick is not to live in the future or the past. You have enough wisdom to set your intentions, then you live in the present and watch it unfold. There is a difficult part in between where you fall down a lot, and you question the decision that you’ve made. But the chaos happens right before the greatest change. [46:46]

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  • Interested in leading retreats in Tulum? Or perhaps you are ready for a deep dive soul journey yourself, one-on-one with Kelli Reese and the Akashic Records. Check out her website at kellireese.com.
  • Maybe your desire is learning the Love Laws of Attraction, having an angel or ancestral soul message divined for you by Hailey Wiseman. You can find her at haileywiseman.com or on Facebook @HaileyWisemanCoaching.

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