#17 Kelli Reese in Manhattan | Flashback on Mexico Breakdown


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Your Creative Sparks:

  • Often there is a BREAKDOWN just before the BREAKTHROUGH.
  • Our most difficult ORDEALS are actually ORCHESTRATED to bring us into our greatest OPPORTUNITIES.
  • There is NO such thing as SPIRITUAL BYPASSING. No matter how enlightened you are, you are not above the lessons.

The pilgrimage was amazing, but the journey leading up to it was not… Returning from a spiritual *high* at the Mayan ruins of Ek Balam (episode #15), our three American goddesses face some of their biggest fears when they become stranded in the middle of nowhere at night on a Mexican highway. Interwoven with clips recorded LIVE at the site of the breakdown, Lobsterbird and Kelli retell the tale and retrieve the treasure at recent a meetup in Manhattan.

Your Travelogue

  • They knew they needed gas. Why would they leave the restaurant without getting gas, even though there was a gas station right across the street? Kelli saw the gas station, but in the moment it did not occur to her to stop. It wasn’t long before the error hit her, the gas light started flashing, and she started trying not to panic. [5:25]
  • These three amigas had taken on Goddess personas at the ancient Mayan ruins of Ek Balam. As Kelli’s biggest fear was playing out right before her eyes, the three fell into these roles and “performed” them to a Tee. {Cue Power Truth of the Universe: we are the creators of our reality!} [14:19]
  • Pushing the car across a bridge and running down the highway in her sandals, Sophia remembers that “the voice inside” had told her to put on sneakers, but she didn’t listen. {Cue Power Truth: you have an internal guidance system! Our tale is full of examples of how this inner guidance system is always functioning in your favor, if you listen.} [21:21]
  • Broken down on the side of a Mexican highway in the dark, Kelli is reminded of another Power Truth: You are there, so just feel, don’t think. As she settles herself into being in the moment, she opens her eyes to the amazing display of stars, her ears to the song of crickets, and her heart to an incredible oneness with God. The ladies realized there was a purpose to this debacle, and they each had an opportunity to work on deeper inner issues. [31:00]
  • Sophia and Kelli share some of the breakthroughs and lessons that came from their breakdown. [44:48]

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