Politics and The Bahá’í Faith: Non-Interference and the New Model


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A brief introductory study of politics and the Bahá'í Writings. This Deepening explores concepts in the Bahá’í Faith related to politics: Baha'u'llah's injunction against Baha'is interfering in secular and partisan politics of any form. We explore how the Bahá’í Faith is political in the original sense of the term: a science of governance, or the organization of society. The Bahá’í Faith offers, as an example, a way of governing the social order - locally, nationally, and internationally - that is dependent upon the free choice of the individual. The Kingdom of God on earth.


  1. 0:38 Intro
  2. 4:54 Non Political - How Far Does this Go? What are the Consequences?
  3. 12:16 The Unity Principle
  4. 28:02 No Political Vision in Line with the Baha'i Faith
  5. 35:02 Unable to be Swayed
  6. 42:59 Our Focus - The Why
  7. 52:48 Our Focus - The What
  8. 1:03:56 Our Focus - The Why
  9. 1:11:12 Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Meaning of "Political"
  10. 1:16:43 A Global Faith
  11. 1:20:26 Government of Baha'u'llah
  12. 1:28:34 An Uncomfortable Term - "Theocracy"
  13. 1:36:25 Secular Constitutions and the Legitimacy Problem
  14. 1:48:57 Sociopolitical Issues - How We Can Engage
  15. 1:57:47 Genuine Concerns - Baha'i Commonwealth and Minority Rights
  16. 2:09:10 Conclusion and Climax

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