Religion Causes War, Hatred, and Division


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There are multiple aspects to this concern. One is that “inherently by being religious you’re X religion and therefore not Y religion, placing people into categories or camps of Us and Them, which makes religion essentially divisive.” So to be secular is seen as being neutral. We'll examine the Bahá'í Writings and see what they say on this issue as we try to resolve this understandable apprehension.


  1. 2:16 Empathy and Agreement
  2. 17:11 The 6 O'clock News and Masks of Madness
  3. 20:43 False Neutrality - "I'm Out of the Frying Pan!"
  4. 29:44 The Problem of No Options
  5. 42:50 What Won't Work
  6. 44:17 The Equation!
  7. 59:25 Nuclear Energy
  8. 1:09:41 Magic Pill
  9. 1:12:25 The Root: Prejudice
  10. 1:23:00 Come On - That's Never Going to Happen
  11. 1:32:54 The Body-Count of Apathy

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