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Broken Catholic is the #1 Podcast on iTunes for Protestants AND Catholics! This podcast is a REAL raw open forum where we interview some of the world's top Christian Leaders and share the TOP 3 Spiritual Tips they use to win in their spiritual lives. Copy their practical tips and strategies on how to: ✔ Be a better parent! ✔ Gain control of your finances! ✔ Let go of self-doubt, worry, and anxiety! ✔ Heal your childhood wounds! ✔ Break free from addiction! ✔ End spiritual dryness! ✔ Grow your relationship with God! ✔ Learn simple prayers and daily habits that work! ✔ Obliterate negative self-talk! ✔ Become the spiritual leader you were created to be! This show is the spiritual mentor and confidant you've always wished you had. The host, Joseph Warren, is a serial entrepreneur and Spiritual Coach to Christian Business Owners & CEOs ----- he helps them grow their business without "stealing" TIME from God, their spouse, or kids. Best selling author and Catholic apologist, Trent Horn, says, "Joseph is a great interviewer who shows us how God works through our lives to restore us in our brokenness". For more on Joseph, you can visit ★★★ Write us a review & SHARE the show!

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