Gym Breakthrough ft. Markus Gerszi


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CEO and Founder of Gym Breakthrough, Markus Gerszi is making his third guest appearance on the Brute Strength Podcast.

This week Markus is sharing his tested Morning Charge Up routine that will re-pattern your brain for success and reduce your mental and emotional roadblocks. Markus gives some valuable insight on how to properly practice visualization and level up your business.

In this episode, Markus highlights the benefits of a proper routine, how to clarify your vision, and the art of priority management.


08:30 - Morning Charge Up Routine/ Journaling

12:35 - Guided breath cycle & visualization

23:10 - Benefits of a proper morning routine

24:30 - Gym Breakthrough

30:00 - Importance of vision & purpose

31:30 - How to clarify your vision

33:10 - Mental & emotional roadblocks for gym owners

47:30 - Priority management

59:30 - Avoid counter-productivity

61:50 - 12-week program for gym owners



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