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Stretching is bullshit.

At least, according to renowned strength and conditioning coach Dean Somerset, it is. You might recognize his name from his many contributions to popular fitness platforms including Men’s Health and Bodybuilding.com, but today, he’s adding to the list with a guest appearance on this week’s Brute Podcast.

In this episode, Dean admits that from the start, becoming a strength and conditioning coach was rough. Listen as he dives into his early career, shares advice for building habits, the implications of artificial intelligence in the fitness industry and ultimately, why he thinks stretching is utter bullshit.


09:46 – Starting in strength & conditioning

25:52 – Empathy as a skill

35:30 – Building clientele as a trainer

42:00 – Having broad interests

45:20 – Resilience & habits

54:30 – Stretching is not beneficial

58:30 – AI & the fitness industry










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