TBT: Sex, Connection, and Desire ft. Adee Cazayoux


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Hey guys, here's another Throw Back episode to one of our most popular shows to date, this week, founder of Working Against Gravity (and Michael’s wife), Adee Cazayoux, is back again to discuss relationship psychology. After such a positive response to Episode 148: 9 Ways To Improve Your Relationship, Adee and Michael are continuing their conversation and sharing their tips for building a better relationship with loved ones.

In this episode, Adee and Michael discuss four myths about sex, how to spice up your dates and improve your sex life, and how time apart can bring you closer to your partner.


05:05 - Connection vs. desire

08:20 - 4 myths about sex

23:40 - Creating desire for your partner

29:40 - How to have better dates

35:30 - Individuality in relationships

38:22 - How to have better sex


Intimacy Inventory


The Way Of The Superior Man - Deida


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