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We've stuck around long enough to hit 100 episodes! Andy, Josh, Mike, and Mike join me to record this one in person. We're using the same type of format we did for the 50th which has us talking about other topics and then ending with some clips. This is the longest podcast we've ever done. I'm sure you'll have to listen in pieces but kudos if you get through it all in one pass! These are always fun episodes to do. It's long, it's loud, and we have a good time. THANK YOU to everyone who listens and pushed us to make it this far. I hope you all enjoy this one!

Questions and time stamps:

3:34 - What do you think are the top 10 most downloaded episodes of the podcast?

20:38 - Which characters will die in the next Avengers movies?

54:35 - What are some of your favorite movies of 2017 so far?

1:00:59 - Are there any DC movies where Robin becomes/is the Joker?

1:06:40 - Who is your favorite James Bond?

1:16:45 - Rate the Disney Princesses

1:21:38 - Do you find that it makes sense for certain video games to charge more for microtransactions than the game itself?

1:27:03 - Does it make sense to buy a Nintendo Switch when the same games are available on the WiiU?

1:30:39 - What game would you say turned you into a "gamer"?

1:35:26 - What are the pros and cons of Destiny 2?

1:41:13 - What is your favorite comic book themed television show, including all networks and streaming services?

1:44:25 - What is your favorite Stan Lee cameo?

1:47:36 - What Marvel character's movie do you wish they would make?

1:52:49 - CLIPS!

FYI: Sorry for the dip in audio quality on this one. That's what happens when we all share one microphone and are not in the best places to record. Hopefully it's not too distracting.

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