EPISODE #18: "Lovable, Strokable Silicone."


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AWW YEAH, AN ALL NEW BTFU HAS UPLOADED! CLICK THIS LINK TO LISTEN & HANG OUT WITH DOUG & ROB! https://www.spreaker.com/…/episode-18-lovable-strokable-sil…
IN THIS EPISODE~ Crazy chicks doing stupid sh*t in retail outlets! Rob falls asleep on his wife...again! Why Doug is CERTAIN that both Limp Bizkit AND Korn sucked! Rock musicians who have the NERVE to f**k with the classics! PLUS, Sex robots, sex robot group action, crappy home improvement warehouses and an all new edition of "How Bad Does It Suck?" with Rob!
Written & Hosted by Rob Clark & Doug Campbell
Recorded & Produced by Grant Wilson
Closing Song: "Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em", by Eric B & Rakim

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