197: Transformational Enrollment: Holding Space and Leading with Heart and Integrity with Elran Tsabag


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Many people approach sales with the intention to sell a product with one end result in mind- to hand over their credit card and “close” the sale. But today’s guest approach to sales is not about sales. It’s about transformational enrollment and supporting people to see what’s blocking them and preventing them from saying YES.

Today we are chatting with Elran Tsabag, my Head of Enrollment and Business Strategy. He’s my right hand in the business, and does our strategy and vision, and supports our coaches and clients inside of the Flourish & Conquer Mastermind. I trust Elran to represent my brand and be the first point of contact for our clients. Anyone that has gotten on the phone with Elran leaves feeling so supported and heard.

In this episode, we discuss everything about sales, enrollment, common objections, and how to take a heart centered approach and lead with integrity. We also discuss the experience of being in a Mastermind, how we approach our Mastermind, and who we tend to attract as humans.


4:02- How Elran and I started working together

5:19- Tell us about your background and how you came into this realm of business.

10:00- Tell us about your learning experience enrolling students in FCA and enrollment processes in general.

11:00: What is your approach to sales?

18:00- What are some of the things people say over and over during enrollment calls i.e. common objections?

32:00- Can you talk about your experience working in our Mastermind and who we tend to attract as humans?

40:00- Let’s talk about our retreats!


In every position I’ve had, its been about creating strong relationships with other oeople and holding space for other peoples needs/.

My approach to sales is not about sales. It’s about transformational enrollment. You’re coming to me because you need something, you're in pain, something is wrong in your business and life. Its about unconvering your needs and figuring out if its a good fit. You have to lead with heart and integrity, and if you don’t then you're just trying to sell somebody on a product and make some money. You’re leading with results. You have to be detached from the outcome and hold space for the other person to allow them to reach the right decision for themselves.

All people want is to be seen and heard and validated. That’s all we want as humabs. Once you do that for somebody else and gain their trust they will allow you into eery crevice of their heartt, life and business.

Its not about what to do, or the content, or the strategy. Its about what youre not doing right for yourself right now. How are you not showing up thats a reflection of the results youre getting in your business?

The people we attract are down to do the hard work. They want to work less and earn more. They want to make a bigger impact and have a big vision. They’re building community and tribe. They’re creating something new in their industry. They’re at the forefront, there’s nothing gimmicky. They’re in integrity.

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