201: Align Your Body, Align Your Life - with Aaron Alexander


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The body is a self-healing, self tuning mechanism and organism, but most people don’t walk through the world and life with an aligned body. The body is designed to sustain itself long term, but our lives today are not designed the same. With technology and screen time, we’ve taken many natural components of our world out.

Today’s guest is Aaron Alexander, the host of the Aligned Podcast. Becoming his friend was one of the best things to happen to my health. In this episode, we discuss the wisdom of the body, how to use our natural world to put ourselves into a healing state, how we continually anchor and inhabit ourselves into different states of being, subtle components to enhance your life, and creating positive feedback loops.

You can find Aaron’s book at: thealignedbook.com and check out his podcast and follow him on Instagram @alignpodcast

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