160: What it Really Takes to Get Your Online Business Started- with our Amazing FCA Coaches


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Welcome to our first Bucci Radio episode of 2019!

Happy New Year! To start the year off strong we have an extra extra special episode today because there are 5 humans on this podcast today. These 4 special humans are near and dear to my heart because they are all of our FCA coaches- Megan Yelaney, Courtney Tucker, Isabella Silverio, and William Grazione.

Today we’re going to give you an inside look on what it’s really like to coach new entrepreneurs, what FCA looks like on the inside, reasons why some of our students do really well or not so well, and what it really takes to get your online business started.

Let’s dive in….


  • What goes on behind the scenes when someone really makes a commitment to themselves
  • What makes a student thrive after they commit
  • Getting honest with yourself
  • Not allowing fear to hold you back from making decisions
  • Believing in yourself and taking chances
  • Showing up consistently to create success
  • Being comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Honing in on your WHY
  • The importance of implementation
  • Giving your clients what they want vs. what you think they want
  • Being consistent over time
  • Not expecting your business to grow in 48 hours
  • Spending time on your mindset
  • Getting over Imposter Syndrome
  • How confidence comes across every aspect of your business
  • Creating a sales process
  • Not being afraid of selling too much
  • Offering service to match your price
  • The benefits of coaching as a team
  • Creating a supportive “family” in FCA


  • 1:19- Introducing Megan Yelaney
  • 3:15- Introducing Courtney Tucker
  • 6:20- Introducing Isabella Silverio
  • 8:40- Introducing William Grazione
  • 11:42- What have you seen is the biggest differentiator vs. someone who is kind of committed and someone who is semi-committed?
  • 19:00- Can you speak about the things you need to to first in your online business?
  • 27:25- How can students get past the “I’m not good enough” and the “No one knows who I am” and “I’m not getting it” zone?
  • 35:36- What are the biggest blocks our clients have between creating their offer and actually selling it?
  • 46:00- What is it like to be coaching on a team like the FCA team? What do you think the biggest power of having a team support a group is?
  • 49:00- What is the number one piece of advice for someone who is starting their online business?

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