191: The Science Behind Spirituality - with Stephen Lovegrove


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What do you think of when you hear the word metaphysics? What about God trauma? Or Spiritual awakening? These things may seem high-level, confusing, and intangible, but today’s guest is an expert at breaking these things topics and teaching people how to wield their own power and create their own reality.

Today’s guest is Stephen Lovegrove. Stephen and I met through Amanda Frances, and he is best known as “America’s Life Coach” who has worked with celebrities and high-level people to help them get to the next level. He’s had his work featured on the Oprah Network, MTV, and Fox. Today we’re going to be nerding out and discussing universal truths and the frequency and energy of emotions and feelings. Stephen gives us practical tools and advice on releasing self judgement, observing objectively, and celebrating your way to success.

Make sure to check out Stephen's interview series, "Change the World with Stephen Lovegrove" premiering this fall.

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